i think i’m going to die soon she almost drops her fork why the fuck would you even say that she looks back down at her plate and pokes around at what used to be salmon oyako the restaurant is quiet and i’m worried that someone over heard us i don’t know i say i […]

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i watch her move around the house as a phantom of pure energy. it leaves a trail everywhere she goes, from our room into the living room and out the front door. and i’m almost in shock, or i feel frozen the word shock is too animated. i’m sitting in my room watching it all […]

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triangles & rhombuses

(read this slow and listen to Turquoise Hexagon Sun by Boards of Canada) she’s used the word “monotonous” multiple times since we got here, and the only reason i’m frustrated with that is because she keeps shooting me this look when she says it. it’s as if she’s testing me to see if i know […]

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izumi can see ghosts 

i walk inside and straight to my room every step every movement is taking me closer to something nothing my heart is pounding my hands are hungry and i grip the door with them slam it then the door is pieces of wood the walls are loud my voice roars then cracks and breaks my […]

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flash fiction july 25-27 2016

the drone of the fan in her room is out weighed by the sounds of the shower, i sit in the room that connects these two against the bathroom sink. i feel the most comfortable when i’m on the floor i’m the closest i can be to the ground without laying on it. it’s in […]

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tattooed tears

just the fact that she even knows where to find me tells me enough. the boat rocks gently as she steps inside just enough to remind me how sea sick i get but it’s not that. her face is the same as before she’s always had and always will have the same face and i’m […]

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