Summer Solstice

when the sun stopped setting it didn’t look as pretty as it used to days no longer existed i feel weird when i get complimented it makes me angry for some reason but he always gives me compliments we meet each other here every day after school it’s always low tide now and the sand is always warm

he says

did you know that the earth rotates at 1000 miles per hour? so if the world just suddenly stopped we would all be thrown out into space. but that can’t be it there would be some sign of the earth stopping or even slowing down.

he says the last part looking directly into the sun

i say

you really shouldn’t do that yknow?

he looks at me and i continue

you shouldn’t over think things so much it will kill you no one can explain it it’s just a thing, i guess it’s giving in in a way just accepting the things we don’t know or understand as mysteries

he says

i know it’s just bizarre i wish i knew more i wish i knew everything i don’t know it’s kinda weird.

i’ve never met anyone else like him

he says

we were learning about the big bang theory today and how people believe that the universe goes in cycles like that it expands and eventually everything is drawn back into itself, collecting all the energy and mass in the universe and releasing it again and on the other hand people believe that the universe will continue to expand further and further until theres a ridiculous amount of space between every planet and star

he pauses and looks up

so i guess one day it might not even matter that i miss seeing the stars at night because you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway

he looks over to me

they would all be too far away

7 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Phew!!!! …… IS bloody fiction ….thank GOD for THAT!!! …..couldn’t sleep last night ….you scared the CRAP out of me with your previous post!!!!! …….good writing my man:D:D:D

    Liked by 1 person

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