space cadets

during the day it’s so hot car tires melt directly to the asphalt and birds explode when they fly too close to the sun. at noon the shadows of buildings will burn into the ground forever leaving the imprint. the only way to escape the day is to stay inside. stay inside and pray the walls don’t melt around you.

but people who sit and pray are already dead, so we don’t we stay busy. doing puzzles or building forts if you stay inside long enough you end up finding that little kid lost inside you. we wait inside for days waiting for the sun to set because for just a few minutes the temperature outside is perfect. it’s absolutely perfect.

he runs into my room and he says

we can go outside!  it’s beautiful come on!

he already has his suit on and he throws me my helmet. i rush to put mine on too without it we wouldn’t last a minute outside.

the sun which looms over our heads like a death sentence is falling behind the mountains it’s light being faded by dust and dirt in the air. you can actually look at it for a second.

he says

come on let’s go for a walk

it’s been awhile since i’ve heard him this excited about anything it’s contagious i would follow him anywhere.

he leads and i follow we have sharp mountains on all sides of us, probably why our ancestors picked this spot to colonize. i don’t know where he’s taking me but i follow. we walk for almost two hours away from the sun, we don’t say much to each other. but eventually i notice that it’s getting cold. at night the temperature drops to -300 degrees fahrenheit.

i say

hey we should go back we have a two hour walk back and it’s getting cold

at first i don’t think he heard me but i stop walking and he stops too and turns to me the dust around his feet float through the air. his eyes look different i can see the sunset in the reflection of his helmet and he speaks as if telling me that he did something bad he says

i’m not spending another second in that house

he slowly walks towards me and he takes his helmet off he knows he’ll die without it. he comes up to me i’ve never seen this side of him but i understand it deep within me as if i was waiting for him to say it first.

i take my helmet off too

and he kisses me

it’s cold

and he kisses me

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