space cadets

during the day it’s so hot car tires melt directly to the asphalt and birds explode when they fly too close to the sun. at noon the shadows of buildings will burn into the ground forever leaving the imprint. the only way to escape the day is to stay inside. stay inside and pray the […]

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Dry Humor

my brain is on auto pilot it’s been like this for months now i can hardly remember anything or any specific detail about something it’s like i’m being pushed through my life with a film over everything days begin bleeding into each other when did this happen? it could of been yesterday or six months […]

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Summer Solstice

when the sun stopped setting it didn’t look as pretty as it used to days no longer existed i feel weird when i get complimented it makes me angry for some reason but he always gives me compliments we meet each other here every day after school it’s always low tide now and the sand […]

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November 28th 2015 2:17am

her name is kristy and she’s my parole officer. it doesn’t matter why i was in prison or why i’m on parole now but kristy is at my house for the third time today. she’s looking through all my stuff she sucks her teeth at me. and it probably sounds crazy but kristy is in […]

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November 25, 2015 5:21pm

theres no reason she should have even given me a second glance she’s air brushed she’s not even real she’s on top of me she’s breathing so heavily she can’t sense my body language it’s saying no no noshe’s a friend of a friend with a porn star body she’s the type of girl you […]

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